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Today is the anniversary of the first parking meter

The world’s first parking meter was installed on this day in 1935 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Ellen Fletcher rode a bicycle in 1979

Bike activist Ellen Fletcher runs for Palo Alto City Council in 1979.

Pearl Harbor bike couriers 1941

Bike couriers delivered the news of the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor 70 years ago today.

Euro bemusement 1951

As the world rebuilt after World War II, western Europe sent teams of experts to the United States to learn the secrets of American industrial productivity. The Saturday Evening Post reports on these visits in 1951.

Amphibious bicycle

Amphibian Bicycle Can Travel on Land Or Water. We’ll soon enter the rainy season here in Northern California, when many of our riverside bike paths will be inundated. With this bike I can just float the bike down the Guadalupe River straight to work, and then pedal upstream for the trip home.

1950 General Motors ad

In 1950, GM’s “New Departure” division manufactured bicycle components and advertised “The most exciting Christmas gift since 1896!”