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Actors wanted for strip search video

Looks legit. Actors needed in Los Angeles for a video dramatizing some possible implications of the U.S. Supreme Court’s affirmation of New Jersey’s strip search law. Albert Florence took his case to the Supreme Court; in their brief to the Court, the American Bar Association gave examples of strip searches after trivial offenses such as read more »

Jobs Day

Tuesday is bicycle jobs posting day around here. Fairfax County, Virginia seeks Transportation Planner to “assist the county’s bicycle and pedestrian program managers,” among other duties.

Trek Bicycle is Hiring

Happy “Get A Job, Hippie” Day. Trek Bicycle has a couple dozen openings listed on their jobs page. Most are at their headquarters in Waterloo, Wisconsin, with a few openings in Madison, WI for Trek Travel and B-Cycle. Trek also lists bike shop opportunities at their corporate locations around the United States. More bicycle-related careers read more »

Bicycle jobs this week

We have more bike-related careers and jobs than you can shake a cowbell at this week.

Don’t ask if it’s a hard job

I hear the voice of experience in this Craigslist posting for a bicycle rickshaw job in Denver, Colorado: “Please don’t email me to ask if this is a difficult job. I will reiterate– you are lugging hundreds of pounds of human being around a city in the back of your giant adult tricycle. Also, please read more »

Bicycle jobs

Bicycle and related help wanted postings that have caught my eye for this week. Health Education Specialist in Contra Costa County, CA duties include handing out bike helmets and running bike rodeos. The woman who does this for the city of San Jose (pictured below) is a super sweet gal and does a great job, read more »