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Gates belt drive on a gravity bike

Gravity bikes isn’t my scene, but I had to mention these French downhill machines from Cavalerie Bicycles utilizing the Gates carbon belt drive and a bottom bracket gearbox.

Ride with me to the Sea Otter Classic this weekend

The Sea Otter Classic begins tomorrow, April 10, 2014, at the Laguna Seca Recreation Area south of Salinas, California and east of Monterey. Sea Otter is mostly about mountain bike racing, but it’s probably also the largest consumer bike show in North America. Where else can you demo high end road and mountain bikes all read more »

GoPro at the barriers: Men’s Pro Cyclocross

I camped by the first set of barriers during the Men’s Pro/1/2 Cyclocross race on Saturday afternoon at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey to shoot a few photos.

Sea Otter 2010 Shout Out

For me, the big part of a big bike festival like the Sea Otter Classic is meeting old friends and making new ones.

16% Grade

My pal Skidmore purposely takes “epic commutes” by bicycle.” I’m lazier than him, but that doesn’t stop me from doing crazy things like riding my bike to a bike festival.

Sea Otter Classic 2010 photos

This is just a dump of photos for now with minimal captions. Come back later for more details on several of these photos.