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Burry Stander RIP

25 year old South African mountain bike champion Burry Stander was hit by a taxi in Shelly Beach, South Africa and killed earlier today while he was on a training ride. Stander was UCI Mountain Bike World Cup under-23 men’s cross-country 2009 world champion. Stander leaves behind his wife Cherise Taylor Stander, who is also read more »

Johannesburg City Cycling

Shruthi Nair — who spent her early childhood in the Netherlands — rides her bicycle to get around in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Robert Swarts rides a bicycle

I’m not quite sure what I like more — the toothless old guy riding his bicycle around in South Africa and obviously enjoying himself, or the Zulu cover of “Stayin’ Alive” by African Noise Foundation. From South Africa Bicycle Portraits project, which documents everyday South Africans and their bicycles.

South Africa bicycle culture

Whenever they can, together or separately, cycling photographers Stan Engelbrecht (Cape Town, South Africa) and Nic Grobler (Johannesburg, South Africa) look for people who use bicycles as part of their everyday work and transportation for their Bicycle Portraits project. They’re finding out who rides bicycles, why they ride bicycles, if and why they love their read more »