Busy news day

Today should have been a work-from-home day.

I went to catch the Highway 17 bus at my usual stop this morning in Santa Cruz County. I watched as it pulled out from the road to the transit center a couple of blocks away. Instead of turning toward me and the half dozen other waiting people, the bus turned the other direction toward Felton and Highway 9, leaving those of us at the final stop in Scotts Valley hanging thankyouverymuch.

Highway 9 is the detour the bus takes when Highway 17 is closed. I looked up current highway conditions and, sure enough, two vehicles collided head on near Laurel Curve. The engine broke off in one of the vehicles, while two people in the Honda were trapped with severe injuries and had to be extricated from their car.

So I went back home and saw this news of a workplace shooting early this morning in Cupertino. I immediately thought of my several friends who live, work and attend school in Cupertino and adjoining areas in Sunnyvale. As of this writing, the gunman remains at large.

Cycling down the Strip

Bicycle News

Is there a bicycle event in San Luis Obispo today? This dispatch from the California Highway Patrol seems to suggest there is. A cyclist at this event was apparently injured in a collision with another vehicle, but then a fire truck collided with the “recovery vehicle,” whatever that is. (TC is CHP shorthand for “traffic collision”).

BICYCLIST VS TREE today on Alpine Road near Skyline Blvd, San Mateo County, CA.

Specious complaints about cyclist behavior.

Five Milwaukee bike patrol officers injured in a month.

Chicago ban texting and talking on a phone while cycling to “level the playing field.” Because, you know, distracted cyclists killed so many Chicago drivers last year.

A second look at cycling in China.

Bike maintenance after school program.

Yet Another wooden bicycle.

Ralph Lauren to sponsor a Tweed Run bike ride in New York City.

Bluetooth intercommunicator for cyclists.

Obstructions and door zone bike lanes in Champaign-Urbana Illinois.

Don’t forget: Thursday is our Autumn Bike to Work Day for many California cities.

James at Bicycle Design catches up after his recent return from China.

Bicycle Water Fall

I ended up catching a bus two hours after my usual bus. Still, it took me two hours to get to the office today, which is double my usual commute time.


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