Hump Day

Let’s call this Public Transportation News Day. Remember, tomorrow, June 16 is the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Dump The Pump Day.

APTA Dump the Pump Day 2011 logo

National Dump the Pump Day encourages people to ride public transportation (instead of driving) and save money.

Riding public transit is the quickest way to beat high gas prices. According to the APTA, a two person household that downsizes to one car can save – on the average – more than $10,000 a year.

Record ridership on on Amtrak California.

Cap’n Transit: Transit security makes us less secure. More security hassles on public transportation leads to more single occupant vehicle use, which in turn kills more people every month than 9/11. New York’s Senator Chuck Schumer, who proposes the increased security, wants to kill even more people on our highways with his nutty proposal. Cap’n Transit also points out the toll taken by the warfare needed to support more vehicle use. Al Qaeda supporter Schumer shows he hates America and Americans by discouraging public transport.

Obligatory bicycle content

My pal Lorena, aka Sacramento Cycle Chic, in the news.

If you’ve ever wondered how to carry a bike in your Ferrari convertible, here’s a secret trick: hide the fork mount by tucking it behind the passenger seat headrest. H/T Reynolds Cycling.

Huge increase in cycling prompts Stockholm to consider legalizing red light running for cyclists.

Rural bike commuting challenges. Via Jennifer Roberts.

Montreal bike path congestion! Via Bicycle Fixation.

Loveland man bike commutes 17 miles to his job in Greeley. Via Bike Commute News. Bike to Work Day in Colorado is next Wednesday, June 22.


  1. I see Cap’n Transit’s point about transit security, but I doubt Senator Schumer is an Al Qaeda supporter who wishes death upon his constituents.

  2. I was being over the top, my friend. I hoped that was obvious.  His intentions are likely honorable, but I suspect there might be a bit of “it’s not fair transit gets a free pass on these security measures” thinking too.

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