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Bicycles as public transit

Chattanooga Tennessee calls their new bike share program “Chattanooga Bicycle Transit.”

A San Francisco transit alleycat

SPUR (San Francisco Planning and Urban Resarch) has organized a transit scavenger hunt race from Ocean Beach in San Francisco to the SPUR Urban Center on Mission at Montgomery Street.

Human Transit in San Jose & San Francisco

Jarrett Walker, author of the Human Transit blog and a new book by the same name, will be in San Jose and San Francisco next week to talk about developing effective public transportation systems. This talk is not just for wonks — as a long time transit professional with a PhD in theater arts from read more »

Caltrain public hearing TONIGHT

Caltrain Joint Powers Board (JPB) will hold a public hearing on proposed service increases.

Emergency Ride Home

“What if something happens?” A family emergency is one of those common theoretical fears that keep some people from biking to work. Many local transportation agencies and employers offer “Emergency Ride Home” or “Guaranteed Ride Home” programs to help alleviate that fear and encourage commuters to try a form of transportation other than the Single read more »

Santa Cruz Metro is hiring

The bus service I use every weekday is hiring. I like most of the drivers and staff I’ve met. Have a good Friday. That is all.