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Delhi restricts driving to battle smog

In an attempt to reduce smog in the world’s most polluted city, Delhi began restricting driving on the New Year with odd/even license plate restrictions through January 15. Residents made do by using other forms of transportation, by cheating, and by gaming the system. Embed from Getty Images

Arjun Kapoor rides a bicycle

I love that the world’s largest bicycle company uses Bollywood stars to endorse their bikes. Now get outside and ride on this Black Friday!

Online bike marketing in India

Last Friday, I watched and briefly participated in an online chat regarding the Bike Shops for Everyone report recently published by the League of American Bicyclists. Liz Cornish, who ran the League’s Women Bike program before becoming director of Baltimore’s bike advocacy organization this month, works to encourage the bike industry to reach out to read more »

Bike Party of Uttar Pradesh: The bicycle as a political symbol

General elections are taking place right now in India. News photos of political rallies where people wave bicycle flags caught my eye.

Kolkata India bans bikes

I was just going to tweet this link but there’s an especially annoying video popup, so I’ll summarize here and you can click through and read the full story for yourself if you would like. According to the International Business Times, police in Kolkata (Calcutta), West Bengal, India have banned bicycles from most streets to read more »

Paagan – a Tamil movie about a boy and his bicycle

Paagan is a buddy film comedy about a boy, his bicycle, and his numerous get rich quick schemes. Like all South Indian “Kollywood” films, there’s music and dancing girls, too.