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Fashion and bicycles


Fashion websites attract a somewhat different demographic than Cyclelicious. The fashion portals are visited by young, college educated women with no children and some spending cash.

Cyclelicious readers are mostly male, “some college,” probably have children, and — except for the 3.5% of you who like the photos of pretty girls on bikes — most of you consider yourselves cyclists, avid cyclists, cycling enthusiasts. In other words, you like to ride bicycles. While fashionistas like clothes and shoes, avid cyclists such as yourselves like bikes, bike clothing, and bike shoes.

A fashion portal like Refinery 29 has 30 times the traffic of Cyclelicious, and most of their visitors don’t identify themselves as ‘cyclists’ so it’s always cool to see them feature stuff like Top 10 Fashionable Bikes For Men.


accidental cycle chic

Tilted Levi’s

Inspired by Meli and Lorena, I’ve been trying to wear regular street clothes more often when riding around town.

Unintentionally I’m sure, Levi’s has created some comfortable cycling jeans that are high in the back and low in the front. There are even back pockets! (And front ones as well, for that matter.) I picked up mine at Seventh Heart on Market near Franklin in SF. I’ve road-tested the tilted jeans and can affirm that they are quite comfortable for riding. Confidential to the Fishers: chamois tilted jeans next!