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Alta Bikes

I don’t know why, but “Alta Bikes” has been in my top ten searches for the past week. People looking for this Norwegian bike company — which offers a single model of a fixed gear bike — are finding this article on Alta Bikes. Alta Bikes is perhaps most famous for their underwear model ads.

Alta Bikes

Bicycle Design has mentioned Alta in the past, and he’s been blogging about other Scandinavian bike designs lately. Among the Scandinavian bicycle companies he mentions are MBK Cycle in Denmark, which sells the “MBK Retro” immediately below, and the “MBK Easy Boarding” for people with hip joint problems who can’t easily swing a leg over a top tube.

MBK Retro MBK Easy Boarding

Kronan in Sweden sells a nifty Swiss Army style bike that’s available in the United States.


Recykel has a sorta fun bicycle “konfigurator” that allows you to design your own bike, selecting color, saddle, chainring, fender, and handlebar.

There’s much more Scandinavian bike love at Bicycle Design.