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StemLite: Integrated bicycle light

500 lumen (claimed) bicycle headlight integrated into the handlebar stem.

$60 on Kickstarter.

There are some good design choices in this StemLite and I like the idea, but handlebar stems are one of those parts where really bad things can happen if it fails. Does anybody know how much testing has gone into this stem?

H/T to Trent in Santa Clarita.


Join People Power and Green Ways to School for a Light Up the Night Ride, Friday February 8th from 5 PM to 7:45 pm. The Community Traffic Safety Coalition also has a free helmet giveaway for youth between 4 PM and 5 PM.

Meet at the Bike Church, 703 Pacific Ave, and bring your neon clothes, bike lights, and reflective gear for this youth and community bike ride. SHOW OFF YOUR ILLUMINATED STYLE! All skill levels welcome. There will be prizes for Best Lit Bike and Brightest Rider, and free hot chocolate provided by Cocoamotion after the ride.

Bright LED cycling jacket

You’ve all probably seen those safety vetsts with flashing LED lights embedded in them, right? The vests I’ve seen previously have very weak, small lights that are essentially useless.

I expected more of this weak sauce when Badger Gears in Los Angeles asked me to look at their Indiegogo project for a new LED cycling jacket. This jacket, however, surprised me and exceeds my expectations, because they seem to use decently bright lights and sought user input on their design to create what seems to be a truly high visibility jacket.