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Bicycle blog

I can’t believe I missed this in my list of links yesterday! The Sartorialist posted another bicycle photo today. Say hello to Nolita and her cute puppy.

Sue has her own collection of great links from her bicycle blog:

Other random bicycle blog links:

Have a good weekend!

Bicycle bag inventory

“Spoken Contract” posted the contents of his bike bag. Spoken gets around by bike in Boston, has a girlfriend named Emily and a roommate named Lauren.

This isn’t Emily or Lauren, as far as I know, but it fits the theme of another category of posts I’ll link to, which is pets and bikes. Click on the photo for details.

Remember, I will link to you if I find your bike bag post, a disgustingly cute photo of your pet and a bicycle, or a cute bike haiku. The best way to get my attention is to link to Cyclelicious (and make sure you ping Technorati). You can also just drop me a note.

For animals and bikes, Warren has at least earned himself an honorable mention.