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Bicycle cable lock integrated into seatpost

This is reasonably clever, and the video is cute. Adrian in Vancouver, BC has a bicycle cable lock integrated into the seatpost. You can buy his “InterLock” cable via this Kickstarter project.

My new favorite bike rack

Discussion below.

Bike lock vs angle grinder: 2 minutes

Gizmodo quickly tests the latest generation of bike locks from Abus, Kryptonite, OnGuard and Blackburn.

Bike locks climbs streetlights

This is too cool and it looks like a perfect project to do at Techshop. A portable gizmo that wraps around a streetlamp post hoists your bike beyond the reach of bike thieves.

Bike locked by thief; What to do?

What do you do if you return to your locked bike to find another lock on the bike?

2 bikes, 1 lock

MAKE Magazine illustrator Tim Lillis created this “Tricks of the Trade” video to show how you can lock two bicycles up with a single U lock.