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The face of a Santa Cruz bike thief

The big guy in the blue shirt seemed friendly enough as he hopped on the Highway 17 bus to Santa Cruz. He’s visiting Santa Cruz from San Francisco, we start talking bikes and he begins bragging about the bikes and bike parts he steals in Marin County and San Francisco!

This bike is a bomb

Stolen bike is a science project with explosive potential.

Kristen tackles a bike thief

Security camera footage captures man casually breaking a lock with a bolt cutter to steal a bike. Kristen and an unidentified friend — who apparently see the theft through the office window — take quick action, run outside and block the would be thief’s escape. Unlike some previous thwarted bike theft attempts captured on video, read more »

Bike locked by thief; What to do?

What do you do if you return to your locked bike to find another lock on the bike?