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Announcing Bike Tech Shop

Bike Tech Shop: Experts on Cycling With Circuitry - Lights, e-Bikes, GPS and more

The cool folks at the Bike Shop Hub (online purveyors of bike trailers, bags, racks and other helpful accessories for the utility cyclist) have opened Bike Tech Shop.

Bike Tech Shop carries bike GPS, the RideKick powered trailer, and bike lights from Planet Bike, Light & Motion, Cygolite, and Busch & Muller.

Disclosure: This is an ad. If you buy stuff from Bike Shop Hub by clicking through the above links, then I get a piece of the revenue, so thank you.

Dutch study night cycling

I’m sure somebody will find this interesting. The Dutch Institute for Road Safety Research (‘Stichting Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Verkeersveiligheid’ or SWOV) say they’ve never studied the risk of cycling in the dark versus daylight until recently. They announced their results with the boldly groundbreaking headline: “Cycling in the dark more dangerous than in daylight.