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How to get a mamachari bicycle

Back in the 90s, designers for the U.S. auto market began making cars monstrously huge, culminating in manly SUVs that smells like a steak and seats 35 for your runs to the corner store. The Japanese market, in the meantime, never eliminated their bike culture of stay-at-home moms who toted their children around town on read more »

Mad BMX skills with a mamachari

Takahiro Ikeda does BMX flatland tricks while talking on a mobile phone on a Japanese mamachari “granny” bike. Via Michelle.

Buy a mamachari bicycle straight from Japan

My pal Shuichi is now accepting orders for a few models of Japanese “mamachari” utility bikes. You can select from among electric bikes or a non-electric model with big, front mounted child seats. Price includes U.S. tariff and shipping. These are premium models and they’ll be shipped in a container to Oakland once he gets read more »

Would you buy a Japanese city bike?

I’ve mentioned mamachari (pronounced “Mama chah ree”) bicycles on these pages before. They’re the ubiquitious Japanese city bikes used by commuters and shoppers.

Mamachari blog

Three years ago, Shuichi Kobayashi was riding his ‘mamachari’ bicycle around Kyoto when a gaikokujin (foreigner) woman asked where she could buy one of the distinctively Japanese utility bikes. Today, he blogs about the “mama bicycle” to get the word out about these Japanese utility bicycles.