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Schematic bike maps?

Ever since Harry Beck designed his iconic schematic map of the London Underground in 1933, other transit agencies have followed suit with their own abstract maps. Transit routes are shown as color-coded straight lines with sharp turns. Stops are equidistant, and the physical geography is omitted. Navigating Tokyo’s rail transit was easy for me as read more »

Compare and contrast: an 1896 cycle map vs today

I overlayed a Google map of the region over that famous 1896 California cycling map from George Blum’s 80 page guide to cycle touring. If I feel ambitious I might overlay a modern bike map – either Google’s bike layer, or the bike layer from OSM. You can download the original image from the Library read more »

13 bicycle crashes times two

While looking at the California Bicycle Crash Map last night I noticed something interesting: Although Southern California has twice the population of Northern California, the same number of bike crashes — thirteen — are reported to the California Highway Patrol for each region.

Walk Score publishes Bike Score

The folks behind Walk Score have applied their numerical methodology to the “bike friendliness” of several U.S. and Canadian cities to rank them with “Bike Score.”

MapQuest adds worldwide bike directions

MapQuest adds a bicycle option to the “Open” version of their online directions service.

OSM bike path tutorial

MapQuest’s bike routing API uses OpenStreetMap data to preferentially route cyclists on bike facilities. It works well when the data is complete and connected, but fails completely when the data isn’t there. This tutorial shows how you can help complete the data.