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Midweek bike news roundup

Bike lane petition Monterey County for a road between Marina and Salinas. I’m personally ambivalent about a four inch vs six inch stripe, but the Farm Bureau’s official opposition to this project just seems petty to me. Might be noteworthy that California’s mandatory bike lane law applies if the stripe is six inches wide, whereas it does not for a four inch strip of paint.

More bike news below the fold.

Daisy Duke


Bike vs trolley

(…and no, I’m not talking about a collision!)

I sometimes catch the 1st Street trolley to whisk me from downtown San Jose to River Oaks Station, which in turn is a little over a mile from the office. The trolley normally travels at something like 40 MPH down 1st street north of Japantown, but it makes frequent stops that drops the average speed to maybe 25 MPH. I think taking the light rail is a little bit fast than biking, but I’ve never actually compared the times.

This morning, I just happened to turn onto 1st on my bike just as the trolley left the station, so I race the train to see which is faster.