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Cycling in Benin

Christoph Herby, former pro racer with the Snow Valley and Rite Aid teams turned photographer and Peace Corps Volunteer, has launched a CyclingNews.com blog, Cycling in Benin.

Monday morning report

I’ve lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California for almost four years now. When I ride from home, I usually hit the mountain roads and go straight up to the summit, or I shoot down to the Coast Highway and go north towards Half Moon Bay. Believe it or not, I’ve never gone south read more »

Friday morning week in review

Happy Friday, everybody! I hope you had a good week. Look below for UCI World’s track photos, fixed gear bikes from Walmart and other weird bike news, bike vents, and cycling tragedy (again).

Spring in the East Bay

I love spring time in California!

Bike directions Toronto, Ontario

Google Maps bicycling directions are not available for our friends in Canada, but Ride the City quietly launched Ride the City Toronto a couple of days after Google’s big bike there announcement.

Women’s cycling survey

The Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals asks women and girls to take this short survey to assist them in assessing what factors need to be addressed to encourage women to ride more places more often.