Santa Cruz MAH: Freak Bikes this weekend

The Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History “Experience Metal” interactive exhibit this weekend will feature, among many other things, ridable art bikes.

On display is a compilation of tools, appliances, and cargo-carrying devices, all powered by the humble bicycle. Included are such creations as a bike blender, a hacked tandem independent drive, center-pull brake grabber tool, and more. Plus, join us for a gathering of Tallbikes, Freakbikes, Swingbikes and other wild contraptions that you can try out on the Test Track!

Frances Cycles truck bike

Much more is happening as well at the SC MAH:

Elsewhere: San Jose Bike Party TONIGHT; Pedal Fest at Jack London Square Oakland on SATURDAY. I’m sure there’s stuff happening in the Bay Area on Sunday, too.

You have NO EXCUSE for boredom. If you live outside of the Bay Area, you have even less of an excuse: Make this stuff happen in your region!

Sharing the road with cyclists on mountain roads

A guy driving a 12 foot wide flatbed truck down Old San Jose-Soquel Road got stuck behind a pack of cyclists. He stayed behind the cyclists for several miles, but honked when he was finally able to pass. He’s surprised the cyclists reacted with the one finger wave and a water bottle thrown his way and asks how he can keep the peace.

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