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Tow a standup paddleboard with a bicycle

I’m looking at my Amazon Affiliates sales report and saw that somebody bought one of these. This “Mule Surf and SUP Paddle Board Carrier Transport System” allows you to tow a long board or SUP with your bicycles. Straps secure the two wheels to the board, converting the board into a trailer. Another set of read more »

A Bike Trailer for Car-Sized Errands

Lifelong cyclist Josh Lipton in Flagstaff Arizona has designed a sturdy and affordable bike trailer that can carry bulky, heavy loads. Behold, the Wandertec Tuba.

Pop up camper bike trailer

Bring this to your next S24O: The “Midget Bushtrekka” from Kamp-Rite is a bike trailer that contains a pop-up camper.

Gas engine push trailer

A knife sharpener uses a gasoline engine to power his mobile grinding rig, which is on a trailer attached to his bicycle. When he’s not sharpening knives and scissors, the small businessman attaches the engine to the trailer wheels, so motorized trailer pushes the bicycle.

Burley re-introduces trailer bikes and ski trailer kit

Burley announced the reintroduction their Piccolo 7 speed trailer bike, Kazoo singlespeed trailer bike, and the We! Ski Kit for trailers.

Ellen Fletcher uses a RideKick

I was in Palo Alto during the Gran Fondo today and saw a RideKick electric power trailer attached to Ellen Fletcher’s Breezer Citizen!