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Santa Cruz Metro is hiring

The bus service I use every weekday is hiring. I like most of the drivers and staff I’ve met. Have a good Friday. That is all.

Dumbarton Express and Clipper

Sorry to get hyperlocal on you again. If you don’t use transit in the SF South Bay and East Bay, feel free to ignore this post. If you’re with Facebook and will move to your new Menlo Park campus, though, pay attention: This stuff may be useful to you.

Transit chic?

I’m on my way to the Sea Otter Classic festival in Monterey (hopefully), so here’s something to think about in the meantime: Various brands of clothing specific to urban cycling have popped up. Where’s the clothing for the fashionable bus rider?

Dooring a bus & blaming the bus driver

A parked driver in Seattle opens her door into the path of a moving bus with predictable results. Just like everybody else, she’s a better than average driver who would never cause a traffic accident, so naturally she blamed the bus driver for taking out her car door.