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Sueshiro Sano at NAHBS

Sueshiro Sano, scion of a 200 year old Japanese company that builds ocean going sailing ships, was in Denver over the weekend to show off his wooden bicycles. Among them was this mahogany minivelo road bike with 20 inch wooden wheels.

Connor Wood Bicycles

Chris Connor in Denver, Colorado builds his Woody 29er Scorcher in Denver, Colorado.

Wood bike helmet – this time with a model

Last weekend I posted my lousy quick shots of those “Tree Piece” wooden bike helmets. The next day at Sea Otter I snagged a random passerby and asked her to model a helmets for me, which is much better than the static “helmet on a stand” photos I took the day before.

The Big Blue Board Bicycle

Larry Banuelo builds these amazing kinetic sculptures with wood in San Jose, California.

Popsicle stick bicycle

Sun Chao in Kaiyuan, northeast China spent four months building a ridable bicycle out of 10,000 popsicle sticks.