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Helmet wind noise

My quick review of Specialized’s “Echelon” bicycle helmet.

Helmet hair and styling

Hair stylist Katie Nash created several hairdos and tested them for their compatibility with bicycle helmets.

Wood bike helmet – this time with a model

Last weekend I posted my lousy quick shots of those “Tree Piece” wooden bike helmets. The next day at Sea Otter I snagged a random passerby and asked her to model a helmets for me, which is much better than the static “helmet on a stand” photos I took the day before.

R2D2 Helmet

Jenn dolls up a scooter helmet to look like R2D2’s robotic head.

Interbike encounter: Cardboard helmet

Does anybody remember that guy who introduced a cardboard bicycle helmet at the London Cycle Show last year?

This makes me want to puke

This is outrageous. David Weaving is a repeat drunk driver who was finally put away in December 2008 after a jury convicted him of manslaughter.