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Rim mounted bicycle light

Okay, this Revolight persistence of vision rim mounted bicycle light is groovy.

A tube of LEDs is clipped to the inside of each bicycle rim, with power from a battery packed near the hub and synchronization through a fork mounted magnet.

According to Revolight’s Kickstarter page, MSRP will be $220. A similar POV bicycle wheel light, Dan Goldwater’s Monkey Lectric, retails for $65.

Revolights web site.

Quick release for cheap headlights

Last spring my family was caught out after dark on our bikes, and we were short by one working headlight. I ducked into a Walgreens and bought a small, inexpensive flashlight with 12 reasonably bright LEDs for something like $5. My daughter sacrificed one of her elastic hair ties to secure the flashlight on my son’s handlebars for a decent “be seen” light.

Thin rubber bands work okay, but I find I’m continually adjusting the flashlight’s aim as it jiggles around. Jym Dyer recently showed me another cool trick — using a segment of old inner tube as a quick release for handlebar flashlights. Cut about a six inch strip of inner tube and cut flashlight sized holes at either end of the strip.

Mounting the $5 flashlight

Slide one end of the flashlight through one hole, wrap the rubber strip over the top of the handlebar while positioning the flashlight underneath, then secure by sliding the other end of the flashlight through the second hole for a very quick and easy mount for your flashlight.

Mounting the $5 flashlight

Mounting the $5 flashlight

It doesn’t take too much imagination to figure you can do similar mountings around other bike parts if you want, and cheaper than Knog Frogs by far.