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Monday morning bicycle news

Happy Monday, and happy April Fool’s Day.

Lady Fleur asked me to participate in an April Fool’s Day prank involving cats and bicycles at the Caltrain station in San Jose this morning. I haven’t the least clue what she has in mind; she just said I need to “pretend you like cats.” For the latest, follow me on Twitter @Cyclelicious.

Bike & transit news

People bike and walk to West Cliff Drive across Lighthouse Field


‘Bike Warrior’ militia accused in plot to bike on roadways

Road hogging lycra bikers get their comeuppance from the law! Motolicious approves.

Taking the lane on Stevens Creek Blvd

Nine people federal prosecutors say belong to a “Bicycle Warrior” militia were accused Monday of plotting to ride their bikes in front of law enforcement officers. (more…)