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Something stinkier than bike hippies?

From an article about sustainability efforts at a small business, in which the writer compares the success of his company’s bike commuting promotion vs a coffee grounds recycling initiative.

What caused bicycle commuting to succeed and coffee grounds recycling to fail? There’s the obvious. Coffee grounds smell. Bicycles do not.

I find that a little hard to believe. I know that I personally can smell pretty ripe at the end of a hot summer day. Reading the article, though, I see the author does dig a little deeper into why up to 35% of the staff at his law firm commute by bike.

More at Sustainable Business Oregon: Bicycle commuting succeeds, coffee grounds fail.

California cities and bicycle commuters

I’m looking at the LAB’s just released 2010 data on bicycle commute mode share. The LAB analyzed U.S. Census American Community Survey data from 375 cities to estimate the numbers of bike commuters in those cities. Davis, California tops the list with 22% of workers commuting by bike. A few other California cities tops Seattle’s 3.5% mode share, while several tie for last with places like Akron, OH and Amarillo, TX.