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Taqueria Stickers

I don’t often post stolen bike alerts, but this one belongs to a friend. Distinctive color and stickers should make this easily identifiable.

This bike is a bomb

Stolen bike is a science project with explosive potential.

Stolen bikes and high heels

River Falls, Wisconsin sounds like a homey place. A couple of drunks stole a bike and, when confronted by police about an overheard conversation, actually confessed to the crime and showed the cops where the stolen bikes were at.

Sac Cycle Chic in the news

I met Lorena last year in Sacramento. She’s very nice. Lorena rides a bike around Sacramento and writes Sac Cycle Chic. She locked her bike up at the Davis, CA Amtrak station for a quick coffee run. There’s a Top Secret Rule at the Davis Amtrak Station: You may not lock your bikes up at read more »