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Denver B-Cycle bike share announces expansion for fourth season

Denver B-Cycle opened for its fourth year of operation last Monday, March 18 2013 with additional stations at the Denver Zoo, Denver Museum of Nature and Science and Auraria Campus. These three new stations are among the 30 B-Cycle plans to add this year to bring 83 bike share stations to the system.

NAHBS 2013 Denver details

The deals are done and the contracts signed. All systems are Go for NAHBS 2013.

Fisherman catches a cyclist *THAT* big!

File this under “fish story.” A cyclist riding along the Platte River Path in Denver, CO was seriously injured in what was initially described as a “clothesline booby trap.” It turns out he was snagged by a fly fisherman!

Denver bike cop hit by truck

A Denver bike patrol officer was Just Riding Along when he was hit by a right turning pickup truck on Colfax Avenue in a SMIDSY incident.

Cool story of an avid cyclist

87 year old “still rides her bike — a 21-speed touring bike — to run errands, go to doctor appointments, and just for pleasure.”

Denver bike share registration opens

Registration is now open for Denver B-cycle. The Colorado bike sharing program will launch a city-wide bike sharing program with up to 50 stations offering up to 500 bikes in Denver’s downtown and nearby neighborhoods.