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And they say CARS are dangerous…

Some of my mountain bike friends tell me I’m crazy for riding with traffic. The cyclist looks (and sounds) like he’s in poor shape. Here’s hoping for his recovery from this.

My LBS sponsors high school mountain biking

My teenage son started asking about mountain bike racing a couple of months ago so this is timely: Scotts Valley Cyclesport and Santa Cruz Pasta Factory have announced a competetive high school mountain bike race team for students in Scotts Valley and the San Lorenzo Valley.

Nothing to do

Pardon me as I grouse like a impatient adult who doesn’t understand teens. It is a Monday, after all.

Mike Vandeman arrested: Assault with deadly weapon

  Mike Vandeman, a San Francisco Bay Area trail advocate notorious for his strong opposition to any mountain bike trail access, was arrested yesterday and charged with assault with a deadly weapon after he attacked a pair of mountain bikers with a handsaw.

Patrick Male rides a bike. With one leg.

As I pushed my bike up a steep hill at Sea Otter last week I noticed the kid on the mountain bike in front of me pedaling only with his left leg. At first I thought he was goofing off or showing off. Then I noticed his right leg was missing!

Vittorio Brumotti trials riding video

Italian mountain biker and runway fashion model Vittorio Brumotti has jumped into the trials riding YouTube video fray. He, too, can do a backwards front tire manual.