I want to bike to NAHBS, but…

I’ll be at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show this weekend in Sacramento. Give me a shout out if you’ll be there too.

Psst: I have a room to share at the downtown Hyatt Friday night. Two beds and floor space, and I snore. I don’t know yet if that space will be available Saturday night or not yet. Ping me if you’re interested.

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2011 NAHBS

NAHBS 2011 starts tomorrow in Austin Texas and runs through the weekend. Adam Bartlett will be there posting photos to Flickr and Wes Blaney may also be able to post dispatches over the weekend to Cyclelicious.

Other places to see good show coverage:

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Art appreciation at NAHBS

Prior to this weekend’s NAHBS in Richmond, VA my bike appreciation only went as far as brands that sponsor a professional team and a handful of custom shops such as Moot, Seven and Serotta. My ignorance was not due to lack of trying however; I subscribe to 3 different bicycle related magazines and keep up with a handful more bike news and blog sites on a daily basis. Yet I have never heard of the likes of YIPsan, Sylvan, or ANT and 100’s of others until now. These folks are pure artists who use steel, aluminum, titanium, wood, even bamboo as their canvas and a welding torch as their brush. Their two-wheel (and sometimes 3 or more) master pieces are perfectly at home under the spotlights and traveling at the speed of light on our terrain of choice.

The National American Hand built Bicycle Show has truly opened my eyes. The show this past weekend was my first and absolutely will not be my last. Buying my next bike just got a whole lot more difficult! Do I go to my local bike store or do I call up a Picasso of bicycle? Regardless, the NAHBS is a life transforming experience for anyone with a passion for bicycles.

Thanks NAHBS. See you in Austin, Texas in 2011.

NAHBS 2010 Sunday Roundup

The 2010 North American Handmade Bicycle Show ended Sunday with awards handed out and exhausted exhibitors and attendees returning home to upload their photos for the rest of us to drool at, like this one of Signal Cycles headbadge by Ed Ip and used with his permission. Continue reading NAHBS 2010 Sunday Roundup