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Jim Oberstar RIP

Long time politician, avid cyclist and bike advocate Jim Oberstar passed in his sleep early Saturday morning, May 3, 2014. He was 79 years old.

From my friend and long time bike advocate Buzz Feldman of Longmont, Colorado.

The American cycling community lost a long time friend and the greatest advocate for improving bicycling in the country. Among his other many accomplishments, James Oberstar was the creator of the national Safe Routes To School program. He started a movement that encouraged millions of kids to get out of their parents cars and walk, bike, or skate to school. Congressman Oberstar also pushed for Complete Streets policies and funding that make the roadways safer for ALL users.

I had the opportunity to meet Congressman Oberstar and speak with him twice: once in Washington, D.C., and once in Fort Collins when he was a panelist on a symposium about distracted driving.

I will miss him and his leadership. I am saddened to learn of his death.

More memories of bicycling with Mr. Oberstar at the Star Tribune: Chasing Jim Oberstar. There’s a wonderful photo of the Congressman with a group of school children by Bike Portland.

John Pickens RIP

ARPANET architect John Pickens who worked for Cisco as a distinguished engineer killed while road cycling on Niles Canyon Road north of Fremont, California.

I can’t tell from the news report if this is a SWSS or an honest-to-goodness solo crash.

Condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

We also lost a road cyclist in south Santa Cruz County near San Andreas Road Saturday morning. In this case, police report the cyclist apparently suffered a “medical condition.”