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Transpo bill cuts Safe Routes, bicycle funding

It appears the rumors about California Senator Barbara Boxer caving to Republican pressure are at least partially true: The final product of a conference committee drafting the next Federal transportation funding bill cuts spending on the Safe Routes to School program and Transportation Enhancements.

Facebook transportation plan

As Facebook continues moving their people to their new Menlo Park campus (and the location of my former office), people in Menlo Park and East Palo Alto express concerns about the traffic generated through their towns.

Google’s green transpo cred

Google’s Transportation Operations Manager, Brendon Harrington, says about 40% of Googleplex employees in Mountain View, CA get to work via modes other than driving in this video in which he brags about Google’s alternative transportation programs.

Federal gas tax expires in September

Have you noticed the 18.4 cent Federal gasoline tax that funds 90% of the U.S. Highway Trust Fund expires on September 30?

Seamus Dever rides a bicycle

Actor Seamus Dever (“Detective Kevin Ryan” on ABC’s TV show “Castle”) and Stana Katic (“Detective Kate Beckett”) team up for a car-free experiment in Los Angeles.

Caltrain to require TransLink for pass holders

TransLink will be the required for all Caltrain monthly pass and 8 rider users after January 2011.