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Rahm Emanuel rides transit

Former San Francisco (population 800,000) mayor Gavin Newsom famously rode public transportation only in secret. Compare to Chicago (population 2.7 million) mayor Rahm Emanuel, who’s frequently seen on the “El”.

Wheel benders

Would you park your bike here? The front-wheel only cable lock solution is especially clever! Seen at the Chicago Heights Park District headquarters and library building. Photo CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 by Steven Vance. Filed under Chicago Cycling.

Bees and a bike

Jana Kinsman in Chicago started Project “Bike-a-Bee,” in which she’ll use her bike and trailer to maintain urban apiaries and harvest the honey.

Big waves wash out Lake Shore cyclists

Video captures cyclists on Chicago’s Lake Shore bike path washed out to Lake Michigan as huge waves pound the popular commute route last Friday.

Rahm Emanuel rides a bicycle

Some of you might not know that Barack Obama’s former Chief of Staff resigned his White House office last October to run for Mayor of Chicago. After a judicial kerfuffle about residency requirements, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled last week that Rahm is indeed a legal resident of Chicago and eligible to run for the read more »

SMIDSY: Not a defense!

Attorney Brendan H. Kevenides is the “Chicago Bicycle Advocate.” He writes concerning what the British call SMIDSY or “Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See You” — the excuse that is often given when a motorist runs over a cyclist.