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Redwood City to discuss downtown parking tonight

When municipal leaders talk about parking in downtown business districts, the dialogue usually goes something like this: Merchant Association: We need parking garages! And time limits on street parking! Shoppers: We support downtown, but there’s no parking! Downtown workers: There’s no parking, and I’m tired of skipping out every two hours to move my car! read more »

Apple Store bicycle customer accomodations

LA Metro’s bicycle program Facebook page posted this photo of the Apple Store in Santa Monica, California.

Electronic bike lockers

I finally got my BikeLink card for access to the electronic bike lockers in Santa Cruz and around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Wheel benders

Would you park your bike here? The front-wheel only cable lock solution is especially clever! Seen at the Chicago Heights Park District headquarters and library building. Photo CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 by Steven Vance. Filed under Chicago Cycling.

Armored vehicle crushes bike lane parking scofflaw

Update: Video! Vilnius, Lithuania apparently has a problem with entitled luxury car owners who use bike lanes as their personal free parking. It’s become so widespread that the mass media have picked up on the meme of people posting photos of these parking scofflaws to social media networks. Vilnius Mayor ArtÅ«ras Zuokas decided to take read more »

Parking and entitlement in Toronto

Toronto: Enraged motorhead who receives parking ticket runs over bicycle patrol officer who ticketed him. A Toronto Police parking enforcement officer issued a ticket to a vehicle that he judged to be parked illegally on College Street West. “The driver of the vehicle came out and became upset,” [Toronto Constable Tony] Vella alleged. “He was read more »