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I’m okay, you’re not okay

93% of U.S. drivers — that’s almost all of you reading this blog — believe they’re above average drivers. If you don’t believe the ample research, just lurk at any of thousands of forums devoted to the topic of driving, or read the comments following any online news article about a traffic collision, or read this discussion on the harrowing comments from people who claim they are perfectly safe drivers while they text and talk on the phone.


Drivers hate other drivers

From “Man’s Greatest Mistake”…

Bizarre but true, more than anything else, motorists hate cars. Cars with lights on, cars with lights off, cars that cut across their path, cars that nip into their parking spaces, cars that overtake, cars that don’t overtake, cars that undertake; cars that go too fast, cars that go too slow, cars that don’t pull out at junctions, cars that do pull out at junctions, and cars that get too close. Just cars that share the road space, get in the way of and generally threaten their own car.

More –> Road Anger: Why Motorists Hate Cars.

Reminds me of Disney’s “Motor Mania,” starring Goofy as “Mr Walker” and his evil alter ego “Mr Wheeler.”