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Drunk maniac mows down cyclists with his pickup truck

Cyclists in Joinville, Santa Catarina State, Brazil were injured when an angry driver ran them over with his pickup truck. Security video of the incident shows his actions may have been intentional.

I’m okay, you’re not okay

93% of U.S. drivers — that’s almost all of you reading this blog — believe they’re above average drivers. If you don’t believe the ample research, just lurk at any of thousands of forums devoted to the topic of driving, or read the comments following any online news article about a traffic collision, or read read more »

Tapping road rage for fuel efficiency

Yesterday, The Onion posted audio about “New, Anger Powered Cars” and I thought “I’ve heard this one before.”

Drivers hate other drivers

From “Man’s Greatest Mistake”… Bizarre but true, more than anything else, motorists hate cars. Cars with lights on, cars with lights off, cars that cut across their path, cars that nip into their parking spaces, cars that overtake, cars that don’t overtake, cars that undertake; cars that go too fast, cars that go too slow, read more »

Teens beat Woodside Road cyclist