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Share the Road in Lexington, Kentucky

“Pass With Care / Share the Road, People.” Seen on the back of a Lextran bus.

Car Buzz

Car Buzz UK is an automotive review / ratings website that has gotten a lot of online social media attention due to their positive article about how drivers can more safely share the road with cyclists.

1940: Shell Gas Share the Road club

I ran across an ad campaign from 1938 to 1940 for a “Share the Road Club” from Shell Gasoline. The gist of the message from this club: “I’m more important than you, so get out of my way!”

More on Share the Road

Happy Presidents’ Day everybody. Thanks so much for the feedback on my proposal to abandon the Share the Road message. The Spokesmen also talked about this on last Saturday’s podcast (and please go listen — they do a good job discussing several different issues).

Abandon ‘Share The Road’

What does “Share the Road” mean to you and me?

Santa Cruz area CHP: “Share the Road”

The Aptos / Santa Cruz office of the California Highway Patrol issued this press release this week. BIKE WEEK 2010 CHP supports Bike Week 2010 with Share the Road enforcement May 10th through 16th is Santa Cruz Bike Week, and the California Highway Patrol is showing support with concentrated enforcement and education. Motorists and bicyclists read more »