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Insanely tall tallbike

I’ve seen photos of this stupid tall tallbike floating around and you probably have too. Here’s the helmet cam footage from that 14.5 foot tallbike. I’m guessing this took place during the 150,000 strong Ciclavia from last weekened. Who needs a helicopter for aerial footage when you’ve got this?

Tallbike folder

A micro tallbike made up of small tire folding bicycles. It looks like you might even be able to fold it still.

12 foot tallbike

Atomic Zombie posted plans for their 12 foot “SkyWalker” tallbike.

Tallbike Xtracycle

A tallbike with the Xtracycle Free Radical for cargo carrying capacity.

Santa Cruz Tallbike

Zach tries a friend’s tallbike for the first time in a Santa Cruz parking lot.

Monster Bike Tall Trike

  Video of a huge and awesome fixed gear trike with what looks like a 5 foot diameter tractor tire mounted on a spoked wheel!