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Toronto’s scofflaw mayor

Rob Ford, the famously anti-cyclist mayor of Toronto, Ontario who rants about the entitlement and privilege of the bicycle elite in Canada’s largest city, apparently is frequently caught breaking the law as he drives his Ford Escalade SUV.

A Toronto bike rap

“Songs to Wear Pants To” aka Andrew Huang teams up with the hip hop bike riding girls of Side Pony Nation to sing and dance about “Ma Bicyclette” in Toronto. Well done on that bike bell intro!

My Ten Speed Lady

Toronto satiricist Xave Ruth sings about his Ten Speed Lady.

Toronto Fixer rides a bicycle

Jack Lakey is “The Fixer,” a Toronto newspaper columnist who uses his bully pulpit to get things done. After he lectured Toronto cyclists to follow the rules of the road last summer, “cyclists unleashed a firestorm of fury in emails and comments posted to our online columns” writes Lakey. When bike activist James Schwartz invited read more »

Driver tries to run down bicycle patrol

The driver of a stolen SUV attempted to run down a pair of officers patrolling on their bikes, say Toronto police. The officers had to jump out of the way of the speeding vehicle. Police used a dragnet involving more bikes and police cruisers to find the stolen vehicle and the driver, catching him after read more »

Jessica Biel rides a bicycle

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are spotted riding bicycles in Toronto the other day.