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Go play with traffic

Me sharing the road with cars, buses and trucks on Santa Clara Street, downtown San Jose, California. I have about a seven mile commute from the office to downtown. Six miles of it is on the Guadalupe River Trail, a fully separated bike path with a river, trees and other vegetation, wildlife and the occasional read more »

My uneventful bike ride

For National Bike Month in the United States, which begins today, I ran out and bought a new GoPro Hero2 camera to record my bike rides. The video shows what usually happens on my typical evening commute, which is…. not much. I ride my bike. There are no near hits, no road rage, no blood read more »

Bike to work amateurs

I’m a bike to work amateur, and so are you. Bill Main, a physicist at a Silicon Valley medical equipment company, included me in his video promoting bike (and transit) to work for his company.

My skewed upbringing

A little bit about me.

Everyday adventure

How does your everyday adventure look? This is me on a fixed gear bike, 1850 feet above sea level and about 10 miles from home on a fixed gear bicycle. And this is the story of how I got there.

Bike Rumor pic of the day

Bike Rumor’s pic of the day features me looking like a goober on the final mile of my Saturday morning ride to the Sea Otter Festival last weekend. Thanks Tyler! Bike Rumor has done an outstanding job with Sea Otter Festival reporting and product info. Check it out if you’re already not familiar with them.