Just an accident and prosecution

In 2009, Craig Munro was out for revenge after he saw his lover Brendan Gannaway kiss a woman. When Munro saw Gannaway biking to work outside of Brisbane, Queensland Australia, Munro hit the gas and plowed into Gannaway and his bike. Munro was arrested, found guilty and sentenced to four years in prison.

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Dalai Lama nephew killed by SUV

Jigme Norbu, a nephew of the Dalai Lama, was killed during a Valentine’s Day “Walk for Tibet” after he was struck by an SUV near St. Augustine, Florida last night.

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Seizures + driving = cyclist death

Maybe you remember Joshua West. He was the young man who was killed nearly a year ago in Los Gatos, California when Kevin Derr accelerated his Chevy Blazer to 50 MPH at a busy, narrow intersection, drove up on a curb, and ran into West, who was stopped on the side of the road with his bicycle.

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