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Monique van der Vorst rides a bicycle

Rabobank Women’s Cycling Team announced the signing of athlete Monique van der Vorst to their professional roster, so the fact that she rides a bike may not seem too remarkable. But it is. Because until last year, she was wheelchair bound.

Steve Nash rides a bicycle

Pro Phoenix Suns basketball player Steve Nash rides a bicycle to a Sports Illustrated interview. Outside, a guy on a silver mountain bike glides up to the valet parking stand. Steve Nash hands his bike to the valets. They park his bike in the lot between a couple of Cadillacs. Nash seems to be the read more »

One legged man to cycle around the world

Romanian Paralympic athlete Ionut Preda begins his around-the-world bicycle ride at Obradoiro square in Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain, 13 March 2010. [picappgallerysingle id=”8240259″]