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Cyclist’s guide to riding in Shanghai

Who knew there’s such a thing as an automatic infographic generator? I think I’d like to be one of these enigmatic Shanghai pyjama men when I grow up.

Beijing Bike Share

Beijing to install 500 bike rental kiosks with 20,000 bikes to encourage bike use and ease traffic jams in the city. Beijing transportation officials say they’ll also install bike lanes, although residents say bike lanes are often used by cars. More –> Xinhua: More rental bikes, subway lines to ease Beijing traffic congestion. Via Transportation read more »

Biggest bike share

Streetfilms showcases the amazing bike share system in Hangzhou, China.

Made in China

People ride their bicycles past a parked, made in China Jeep Rubicon emblazoned with the American flag.

Lu Ban the cycle man

Lu Ban was apparently something like the Chinese Leonardo da Vinci, except he preceeds da Vinci by about 2000 years so he’s more like a Chinese Daedalus, except Lu Ban isn’t a myth. Xu Quan Long is a Chinese historian who wants Lu Ban recognized as the inventor of the world’s first pedal powered cycle.

Jhong: Bicycle Culture Revolution

“Chinese Bike Culture” once meant millions of Chinese cruising wide bike boulevards on black and basic commuter bikes equipped with fenders, chaincases, heavy duty racks, and sturdy double kickstands. The bicycle was the preferred mode of urban transportation nationwide, with right of way at intersections and ample parking on wide sidewalks. These days, though, public read more »