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Volagi Viaje steel bike: Order now on Kickstarter

Remember Volagi and their “Long Bow Flex Stay” carbon fiber Liscio bicycle? They’ve created a steel version called the Viaje that you can pre-order now via Kickstarter.

Volagi: Now in Steel

Remember those Silicon Valley bicycle upstarts who got sued by Specialized in San Jose? They have “the will to go” and you can test ride their bikes at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey this weekend.

Specialized vs Volagi verdict

In Specialized’s lawsuit against Volagi, Specialized was awarded $1 in the breach of contract charge, while the intellectual property accusations were dropped.

Volagi courts public opinion

It appears Specialized Bicycle’s intellectual property lawsuit against Volagi will be a high profile knockdown dragout as Volagi’s principles use social media to tell their side of the story.