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Stolen bikes and high heels

River Falls, Wisconsin sounds like a homey place. A couple of drunks stole a bike and, when confronted by police about an overheard conversation, actually confessed to the crime and showed the cops where the stolen bikes were at.

Worldwide bike registration

MyBikeNumber is a new startup which is aiming to offer an international bike registration system.

Stolen Richard Sachs bicycle RECOVERED

Don’t steal bikes, Bro. Chas’ reported the theft of his red Sachs bike and a KHS fixed gear bike out of his garage in Los Altos, CA Monday afternoon by “somebody driving a brown minivan.”

Bike porn photo pro tips

Grant Petersen has 30 years of experience choosing bike photos for his catalogs and other marketing material. Just in time for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, Grant publishes his tips on improving your bike photography.