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Highway 9 cyclists save UPS driver

A pair of cyclists riding downhill on Highway 9 spot an overturned UPS truck in a ravine, call for help. Updated with more details. Thank you to Taylor for the additional info.

Dooring video

Dashcam video from a car dramatically shows what happens when somebody opens a door into a cyclist. The cyclist just narrowly avoided becoming road pizza when the driver swerved to avoid hitting him (or her?)

Drive through bike shop

Patrons and staff in Rock and Road Cyclery in Mission Viejo, CA barely escape serious injury when a motorist drove her car full speed into the bike shop just one week after the store re-opened after a big remodel. Note the girl with the crutches. Via Serge.

John Markoff rides a bicycle

New York Times technology journalist and one time racer John Markoff likes cycling around on the roads of the San Francisco Peninsula, favoring the hilly roads of Portola Valley.

Rest Day

Happy Monday, all. It’s been a brutal weekend for riders racing in the Tour de France. I had a hard time watching. I will not post photos or video of Johnny Hoogerland’s bare backside here, but below video of his inspiring podium presentation after he crawled to the finish after he was HIT BY A read more »

Don’t ride like this

Hotshot on a bike tries to squeeze into the tiny space between a bus and a truck in this cringe worthy video. He almost makes it. Bystanders scream in horror. The guy with the camera says “That was really stupid.” It’s not as bad as it could’ve been.