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Judge: 4 year old sidewalk cyclist can be sued

In 2009, Juliet Breitman and Jacob Kohn — who were both four years old at the time — were racing their training wheel equipped bikes down a sidewalk when they ran into 87 year old Claire Menagh. Ms Menagh was seriously injured and died three weeks months later. [correction]

Ms Menagh’s estate sued the childrens’ parents and they named the four year old children in the suit!

The New York State Supreme Court recently ruled that the lawsuit can go forward and that small children can be found liable, though it did not judge on the case itself.

More at the NY Times: 4-Year-Old Can Be Sued, Judge Rules in Bike Case.

NYC Bike Culture Summit THURSDAY

This is tomorrow, folks! Get your tickets here. Sorry for the late notice.

As urban cycling expands by leaps and bounds, how is bicycle culture changing? The image and ethos of commuters, racers proponents of “cycle chic” and outlaw cycling vie with each other to define what it means to be an urban cyclist. Transportation Alternatives brings together leading pundits of bicycle culture to debate the bike culture issues:

* Do cyclists need to rehabilitate their public persona?

* To what extent should safety trump convenience and style?

* Will protected bike lanes segregate cyclists?

* Is Critical Mass a boon or a liability for the bike movement?

* What can be done about sexism in the cycling community?


Patrick Pogan: It wasn’t my fault!

Patrick Pogan, the NYPD officer who won YouTube infamy when he body slammed cyclist Christopher Long during the July 25 2008 Critical Mass, is currently on trial for assaulting Long. In his testimony at his criminal trial, he claims he didn’t actually mean to knock Mr Long down.

For somewhat more factual reporting, you can read about Pogan’s reality bending testimony in the New York Times.

Monday Outrage

With the April Fools shenanigans I missed this news from New York City: Rodney Seymour was doored by a truck driver while cycling home from work. When Seymour insisted on an accident report from the responding NYPD officer, the policeman got upset and issued Seymour two traffic tickets — one for riding without a bell and another for lacking side wheel reflectors — before apologizing to the truck driver for the inconvenience and letting him go without a ticket. (more…)