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Share your bike, make money

New peer-to-peer social networking service lists crowd-sourced bikes available for rent in San Francisco and New York City.

NYPD: 48,556 citations to cyclists in 2011

The New York City Police Department wrote nearly 50,000 traffic tickets to cyclists in 2011.

Traffic safety haiku!

New York City’s began installing small, colorful signs with poetic safety messages at high collision rate locations to remind walkers and cyclists to watch for hazardous death monsters.

NYPD and cyclists

NYPD officer who’s also a regular bike commuter talks about his job and the perceptions cops have of New York cyclists.

New York cyclists hurt 1000 pedestrians annually

But… 15 pedestrians injured by cars for every one hurt by a bike. Over 300 pedestrians are killed by cars for every one killed by a bicycle. A recently released study finds about 1,000 pedestrians are injured each year in collisions with cyclists in the state of New York.

Bike share for NY Fashion Week

Midtown Manhattan’s Fashion District teams up with Bowery Lane Bicycles to provide bikes for fashionistas and fans during the Spring 2012 Fashion Week coming up in New York City, September 8-15, 2011.