Patrick Pogan: Guilty. Sort of.

Update: Analysis of the verdict.

The New York police officer who allegedly body slammed a cyclist during a Critical Mass ride was found guilty of falsifying his report in which he claimed he the cyclist assaulted Pogan, and Pogan merely hit back in self defense.

Strangely, the jury acquitted Pogan of the assault charge, which is exactly what he lied about in his police report.

So, if Pogan didn’t actually assault Christopher Long, why exactly would Pogan lie about it?


Monday Outrage

With the April Fools shenanigans I missed this news from New York City: Rodney Seymour was doored by a truck driver while cycling home from work. When Seymour insisted on an accident report from the responding NYPD officer, the policeman got upset and issued Seymour two traffic tickets — one for riding without a bell and another for lacking side wheel reflectors — before apologizing to the truck driver for the inconvenience and letting him go without a ticket. (more…)