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Pedestrian access, safety and the American Automobile Association

As part of their deliberate effort to redefine roadways for the exclusive use of automobiles at the expense of access and safety for anybody else, the American Automobile Association from their founding days recast pedestrians as the scofflaw other, while motorists are almost universally law abiding citizens. From the February 9, 1922 issue of Michigan read more »

Mountain View police enforcement action: Pedestrian safety

Mountain View, California police posted video of their traffic safety enforcement action today. They had a guy in a bright yellow shirt in the crosswalk and ticketed drivers who violated his right of way.

New York cyclists hurt 1000 pedestrians annually

But… 15 pedestrians injured by cars for every one hurt by a bike. Over 300 pedestrians are killed by cars for every one killed by a bicycle. A recently released study finds about 1,000 pedestrians are injured each year in collisions with cyclists in the state of New York.